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Ocular Awareness Training and Support For Staff 

This is a free service designed to provide staff with an insight into certain eye conditions and practical guidance in spectacle care.

Training sessions can last for 45 minutes depending on the number of attendees. Staff will receive a certificate confirming their participation which counts towards their CPD and NVQ. We will also provide detailed handouts for ongoing reference.

Improving a resident's perception of the world around them can help their confidence and boost their ability to interact. By understanding certain eye conditions and providing informed practical help, staff can confidently assist residents that may experience problems with age related eye conditions.

Our training sessions can be tailored to suit your needs, however we aim to include the following:-

        A brief explanation of long and short sight, astigmatism and the need
      for reading spectacles.

        Show specially adapted spectacles to help staff understand visual
      impairments and eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and age
      related macular degeneration.

How good lighting can improve reading ability.

        Wearing the correct spectacles and keeping them clean.

       Time for staff to ask questions during the training session.

Everyone can benefit from our many years of optical experience. Our presentations aim to provide professional, practical and innovative solutions to improve the general wellbeing of your residents.